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Charles Salomo (Sally) Hattendorf, along with his father, Jesel, and three brothers, Ferdinand, Edmund, and Heinrich, was a butcher.  He was, the first to come to the US from Germany, having sailed on board the Saxoni from Hamburg to New York arriving 30 May 1860.

Less than two years later, Sally joined the 3rd Michigan Cavalry, Company H, and fought in the Civil War.  He was transferred to the 9th Illinois Cavalry for several months, and was actually stationed in Germantown, Tennessee, less than a mile from my current home!

Muster In

Muster Out

After the war, he mustered out in Arkansas where he met the Moocks.  It was not until 1876 that the family finally settled in Memphis.  Here he worked as a butcher, carrying on the family trade.

By 1900, Charles was Warden for Temple Israel and helped found the Temple Israel Cemetery.  His name can still be seen, laid out in tile, near the site of the original chapel.

The Documents link, shows the oldest papers that I have in my personal collection.  These were originally carried by Charles from Germany, and have been handed down ever since!

Below is the old Hattendorf Family home in Hatten.  The people are not Hattendorf's, but are the last owners, the Harms Family.  The home was knocked down in 1951 to make room for a new city hall.  Thanks to Claudia Hattendorf for finding this picture.

Hattendorf House

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