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First Name Last Name Suffix Spouse Parents Marriage Date Marriage Place
Alwine Albers   Karl Heinz Tweist Johann Diedrich Albers & Rebecka Catherine Helene Claussen March 29, 1941 Oldenburg, Germany
Johann Diedrich Albers   Rebecka Catherine Helene Claussen   August 16, 1898 Altenhuntdorf, Mooreim, Germany
Vanda Altarelli   John Robert Herzog   August 7, 1965 Naples, Italy
Andrea Angrisani   Margaret Kahn     Rome, Italy
Amy Arnoux   Michel Neymarc   August 2, 1961 Nemes, France
Lydia Baesberg   Denis Neymarc   May 30, 1981 Rosny sous Bois, France
Richard Myer Barnett   Lynn Rosenberg   August 21, 1961 Washington, DC
Bonnie Bauer   Ira Leonard Sender   September 5, 1976 Chicago, IL
Grace (Teresa) Baum   Moses Leon   January 12, 1890 Rich Hill, MO
Marianne Baum   Jacob Lion   February 5, 1871 Soetern, Germany
Samuel Baum   Helen Lewis   April 30, 1950 Memphis, Tennessee
Peg Baxter   Leroy Peyser Friedlander Jr.   October 9, 1993 San Antonio, Texas
Ed Beall   Dorothy "Dotty" Hattendorf   October 30, 1987 Memphis, Tennessee
Grete Behrendt   Max Salomon Kahn   October 15, 1906 Arnstadt, Germany
Allan Benish   Linda Sender   June 16, 1968 Chicago, IL
Janet Berstein   Daniel Sender Blumenthal   June 1, 1968 Newton, MA
Christophe Bichon   Sophie Neymarc   May 29, 1993 Rosny sous Bois, France
Babette Block   Zaddok Henri Moock   November 14, 1849 Memphis, Tennessee
Alice Hattendorf Bloom   Leroy Peyser Friedlander Morris Bloom & Bertha Hattendorf January 11, 1928 Memphis TN
David Bloom   Fannie "Little Mother" Hattendorf Solomon Bloom & Hedwig "Hattie" (Bloom) January 12, 1898 Memphis, Tennessee
David Bloom Jr. Marie Isenberg David Bloom & Fannie "Little Mother" Hattendorf February 21, 1934 Memphis, Tennessee
Helene Hattendorf Bloom   Philip Sylvan Peyser Morris Bloom & Bertha Hattendorf April 6, 1931 New York, New York
Jennie Bloom   Morris Kohn Solomon Bloom & Hedwig "Hattie" (Bloom) June 19, 1887 United Hebrew Congregation, St. Louis
Kate Bloom   Joseph Arthur Kessler Jr. David Bloom Jr. & Marie Isenberg October 18, 1952 Temple Israel, Memphis
Morris Bloom   Bertha Hattendorf Solomon Bloom & Hedwig "Hattie" (Bloom) March 18, 1903 Memphis, Tennessee

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