I have uploaded a database containing City Directory entries for all families from 1855 to 1993.  Cities include Memphis TN, Germantown TN, Washington DC, New York NY, Evansville IN, Cincinnati OH, St. Louis MO, Chevy Chase MD, Norfolk VA, and Milwaukee WI.

Please enter part of the last name, first name and the year desired.  Leaving a field empty will return all results based on the other fields.  The results are displayed in year order, with 25 records per page.

Happy Searching!

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Year Last Name First Name M.I. Entry Type Address City
Database Results Error
The database connection named 'citydirectories' is undefined.

This problem can occur if:
* the connection has been removed from the web
* the file 'global.asa' is missing or contains errors
* the root folder does not have Scripting permissions enabled
* the web is not marked as an Application Root

One or more form fields were empty. You should provide default values for all form fields that are used in the query.

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