This page contains copies of original European documents from the early 1800's.  Again, various spellings occur from document to document, but the information presented is fascinating.  These finds take the family lines back a total of 3 additional generations.  The births of the oldest of these ancestors date back to the early to mid 1700's.

Marriage certificate of Jechil Kahn and Rosine Levi, 1812:

Kahn - Levi Marriage


In the year one thousand eight hundred twelve, the tenth of the month of December, at ten o'clock in the morning, there appeared before me, Mayor of Thalfang, serving in the capacity of Civil Registrar of the Community of Thalfang, citizen of the aforementioned mayoralty, Canton of Hermeskeil, D?/font>partement of the Sarre: Mr. Jachel Kahn, twenty-six years of age, born in Gonnesweiler, a livestock trader residing in Gonnesweiler, legal-aged son of the late Mr. Josaphat Kahn, a businessman who resided in Gonnesweiler, and the late Mrs. Rosette Kahn, who resided in Gonnesweiler; and Miss Rosine Levi, sixteen years of age, born and residing in Tronecken with no trade, minor daughter of Mr. Abraham Levi, livestock trader residing in Tronecken [present] and consenting to the marriage of said daughter, and Mrs. Sarra May, with no trade, residing in Tronecken, also present and consenting to the marriage of said daughter. The future spouses requested that I perform the marriage agreed upon between them, for which the proclamations had been made before the main door of our town hall, the first on the twenty-sixth of July in the year one thousand eight hundred twelve at ten o'clock in the morning, and the second on the second of August in the year one thousand eight hundred twelve at ten o'clock in the morning.

Death Certificate of Caroline May, widow of Abraham Levi, 1844:

Caroline May Death Certificate

No. 39 Death Certificate.

In the year one thousand eight hundred forty-four, on the twenty-eighth of the month of May, at four o'clock in the afternoon, there appeared before me, Ganther, Mayor and Civil Registrar of the Mayoralty of Thalfang in the Subdistrict of Berncastel, District of Trier, Court District, Aaron Sender, forty-three years of age, a broker by trade, residing in Tronecken, who said he was a son-in-law of the deceased, and Carl Manz, thirty-three years of age, a nailsmith by trade, residing in Tronecken, who said he was not related to the deceased. Both persons declared to me that Caroline May, widow of Abraham Levi, died in the year one thousand eight hundred forty-four, on the twenty-eighth of the month of May, at one o'clock in the afternoon in Tronecken. She was eighty-seven years of age, a (?) by trade, born in Wallerfangen and residing in Tronecken, daughter of Leib May, agent by trade, who last resided in Wallerfangen, and his wife Johannetta Feil, who last resided in Wallerfangen.

Since the Civil Registrar was convinced of the death of said person, this record of the event was drawn up and, after being read aloud, was signed in double original by the declarants and the Civil Registrar, with the exception of Aaron Sender, who does not know the German script and therefore did not sign.

Concluded in Thalfang on the day, month, and year stated above.

(signed) Carl Manz (signed) Ganther

Death Certificate of Achil Kahn, 1859:

Achil Kahn Death Certificate

No. 64 Death Record

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In the year one thousand eight hundred fifty-nine, the eleventh of the month of August, at seven o'clock in the morning, Salomon Kahn, horse-dealer residing in Gonnesweiler, age sixty-three years, brother of the deceased, and Salomon Kahn the Younger, horse-dealer residing in Gonnesweiler, age twenty-two years, son of the deceased, appeared before me, the civil registrar for the mayoralty of Neunkirchen in the court district of Nohfelden, principality of Birkenfeld, and declared that Achil Kahn, horse-dealer, born in Gonnesweiler, age seventy-six years, residing in Gonnesweiler, widower of Jette L?/font>b, and son of Joseph Kahn, a merchant in Gonnesweiler, and of Rose Kahn, had died on the eighth of the month of August at ten o'clock in the morning, whereupon I prepared this record in duplicate, and after they were read aloud, both originals were signed by the declarants and me. Salomon Kahn declared that he was unable to write German. Concluded in S?/font>tern on the day, month, and year stated above.

Signatures of the declarants         Signature of the civil registrar of Neunkirchen
(Sig.)                                          (Sig.)
(Sig.) Salomon Kahn the Younger

By order of the grand-ducal district court of Nohfelden dated 2 November 1860, the attached record is corrected to the effect that the name of the deceased's wife was not Jetta L?/font>b but Rosette Levi.

S?/font>tern, 8 November 1860
The Mayor


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