Ringo's Promo Labels
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(non-Apple below)

Boogaloo Promo

Starr Promo Label

Plainest White Apple

Apple Starr

March 1972

September 1973

Back Off Boogaloo


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Atlantic Advanced White Promo

Atlantic Blue Promo

Atlantic Red Promo

Atlantic Advanced
White Promo

Atlantic Blue Label

Atlantic Red Label

September 1976
to August 1977

A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll

Hey Baby

Hey Baby

Drowning In The Sea
Of Love



Hey Baby



Portrait Promo

Boardwalk Promo

Mercury Promo




April 1978
to July 1978

October 1981
to January 1982

June 27, 1998

Heart On My Sleeve

Private Property

La De Da

Lipstick Traces
(On A Cigarette)

Wrack My Brain


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