The Beatles Picture Sleeves
Late 1964

Holiday Inn Front

Holiday Inn Back

Holiday Inn Sleeve

Various Capitol Singles for 1964

Ain't She Sweet

A Hard Day's Night

Ain't She Sweet

A Hard Day's Night

ATCO 6308
July 1, 1964

Capitol 5222
July 13, 1964

I'll Cry Instead

And I Love Her

I'll Cry Instead

And I Love Her

Capitol 5234
July 20, 1964

Capitol 5235
July 20, 1964

GM And I Love Her

GM And I Love Her B-Side

And I Love Her by George Martin Orchestra

United Artists 745
Late July 1964


I Feel Fine


I Feel Fine

Capitol 5255
August 24, 1964

Capitol 5327
November 23, 1964

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