Paul's Label Variations
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(non-Apples below)

Apple Shamrock

Apple Girl With Lamb

Apple Donkey

Apple Red

Red Rose Speedway

Apple Shamrocks

Apple Lamb

Apple Donkey

Apple Red

Red Rose Speedway

February 1972

June 1972

December 1972

April 1973

Give Ireland Back To
The Irish

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Little Woman Love

Hi Hi Hi

My Love


Capitol with Balls

Capitol Ladders

Capitol Dial


EMI Label

Capitol Balls

Capitol Ladders

Capitol Dial


February 1974

 May 1975 to
September 1975

 April 1976 to
July 1976

February 1977

 May 1977

Walking In The Park
With Eloise

 Letting Go

Let 'Em In

Maybe I'm Amazed

Seaside Woman


Listen To What The
Man Said

Silly Love Songs

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