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July 1998

Come on Tour with… the Beatles!

Host Sandra Toney

The Fab Four. "She Loves You, yeah, yeah, yeah." The British Invasion. "Yesterday. . . all my troubles seemed so far away."

If any of these terms are even vaguely familiar, no doubt you've heard of the musical group that took the world by storm in the early 1960's -- the Beatles.

Even though they've been broken up for many, many years now, their legendary style of music lives on and inspired much of world's music today. There are several thousand sites available on the Internet that pays tribute to Paul, John, George, and Ringo (and even some to Stu Sutcliffe, the original drummer with the group) but following are some of the best and most unusual out there. Enjoy!

Dave Dermon III's Beatles Singles Page

This very unusual site showcases the many record label variations used on U.S. Beatle and Solo Singles from 1963 to the present day. Beatlefan Magazine's Kit O'Toole reviewed the site in August 1997 and gave this glowing report of the site:

"Finally, Dave Dermon created a site for diehard collectors called The Beatles Singles Page . View more than 65 up-close illustrations of Beatles and solo singles.

Click on images of records from such labels as Veejay, Swan and, of course, Apple and see the slight differences in labeling of each record. Other releases such as the fan club Christmas records are also available.

To see what Dermon still wants to own (in case you are a collector of singles), link to the 'Want List' that displays what he is seeking. Dermon also provides a decent links list to other Beatles pages."

For the serious or amateur Beatles record collector, this interesting webpage will surely find you browsing for hours on end and, most likely, kicking yourself for selling those now "priceless" Beatles' records for a mere dime a piece at your garage sale last summer. Aah, yesterday . . .

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